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I suffered with BPH for several years but it wasn’t until 2014 that the inability to urinate properly finally had a serious consequence to my kidneys. I was the patient of another Urologist who inserted a catheter in July which as a result of his office practice sent me to the hospital to remove blood clots; even after the hospital stay he continued to be non-communicative, engage in sloppy office practices and who insisted that because of the size of my prostate would require open surgery or live with a catheter for the rest of my life. A second biopsy revealed that I did NOT have cancer but alternative surgeries were not available to me because of the size of the prostate. I learned about Dr. Bellman and Green Light Laser Surgery…I requested a consultation to confirm if I was a candidate for GLLS. Dr. Bellman said he could do the procedure but it may take 2 surgeries…indeed he was right. I had a 2 hour surgery in October and a 3 hour surgery in November and now 7 weeks after the catheter was removed I can now urinate almost like a race horse…and I am 68 years old. Dr. Bellman explained everything to me…he did an amazing surgery that by his admission was difficult because of my internal plumbing and the size of my prostrate (over 180 grams)…but for his skills I got my life back. Words alone cannot express how happy I am turning my life over to Dr. Bellman. And his staff is very professional particularly Aja his nurse…she is amazing, my experience could not have been any better.

Stephen H.