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Recently approved by the FDA, a new prostate cancer screening test combines prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and free PSA (fPSA) for cancer detection taken from the precursor to PSA. This change may improve protocol of screening through more accurate readings and decreasing false-positive results.
It is well supported that the PHI test has allowed the ability to help resolve the ongoing prostate cancer screening debate, and that its approval has reopened the door to effective screening and recommendation against the use of the PSA blood test to screen considerably healthy men for prostate cancer.
The newfound screening comes at a pinpoint time in the light of controversy surrounding the use of the PSA blood test.  Effective screening offers hope to patients who may need treatment for a disease they other wise wouldn’t have been aware of.
This is a step forward in the prostate screening debate and has the potential to rebalance the scale toward screening.


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