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As a nationally recognized Board-Certified Urologist, Dr. Gary Bellman has helped countless men achieve relief from enlarged prostate (also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH), over his 30+ years of practicing medicine. During this time, Dr. Bellman has been privy to medical breakthroughs in treatments for BPH, which have become both more effective and less invasive, to the benefit of millions of men suffering from this uncomfortable, disruptive condition.

Treatments for enlarged prostate may run the gamut from lifestyle modifications, to medication, to various nonsurgical medical treatments, to surgery where warranted.

Enlarged Prostate Advice

For men just beginning to experience symptoms of BPH, Dr. Bellman offers the following tips for reducing the symptoms:

  • Reduce stress
    Stress leads to inflammation, which can exacerbate the need for frequent urination
  • Quit smoking
    Smoking is not only known to cause cancer, but it makes literally every medical condition worse. Stopping smoking immediately is in your best interest
  • Limit fluid intake in the evening
    To reduce the need to urinate at night, avoid large amounts of fluid late in the day
  • Empty your bladder completely, every time
    To the extent that you can, try to eliminate all fluid from your bladder every time you use the restroom
  • Avoid medications that may make BPH symptoms worse
    Certain medications including antihistamines, decongestants, and diuretics can make symptoms of an enlarged prostate worse

If the preceding lifestyle changes don’t alleviate your symptoms, Dr. Bellman will discuss options that are most likely to give you relief from the symptoms of enlarged prostate.

For some men, medication will be a perfect solution. Medications that have proven most effective include Flomax, Uroxatrol, Hytrin, and even the erectile dysfunction medication Cialis has given some men the results they need. However, some men do experience unpleasant side effects, and/or don’t like taking medication every day. For these men, a variety of medical treatments may prove a better option for getting relief from the constant need to urinate.


Dr. Bellman is at the forefront of emerging procedures and technology when it comes to successfully treating an enlarged prostate. Rezum Therapy for enlarged prostate, for example, uses steam, takes just a few moments, and can be performed in a single office visit at the Southern California Urology Institute. Dr. Bellman also offers the UroLift System, which offers rapid symptom relief for men suffering from BPH. In this procedure, Dr. Bellman will use the UroLift device to lift and move prostate tissue, so it no longer blocks the urethra. Dr. Bellman and the SoCal Urology Institute have been awarded the Rezum Center of Excellence and the UroLift Center of Excellence certifications indicating the highest level of expertise in these treatment procedures.

GreenLight Laser Therapy is another procedure that may be considered depending on your specific case, which uses a high-powered laser to remove excess prostate tissue. Surgery may be necessary to treat your BPH, but wherever possible, medication or less invasive, non-surgical methods will be considered first.

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