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What no guy wants to talk about-
Call it what you may, but when something isn’t working properly down there for men, it’s the elephant in the ‘bedroom’.When men learn they are suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction), questions arise and many are hesitant to ask due to an uneasiness of the topic.

For some, erectile dysfunction can be triggered from depression, stress, and fatigue.  Substance abuse across the board has the ability to constrict blood vessels and because an erection works by blood traveling to the penis, constricted blood vessels from these bad habits may prevent a full erection.  Also, weight can be an issue and is one of the common causes for impotence.  Cardiovascular exercise helps shed pounds and increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body!

Dr. Bellman offers several ways to treat ED.  The most common treatment being oral medication. Three common brands are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.  However, if you’re taking other medications or have other health concerns, those may not be right for you.  An office visit is suggested to further consult each patient.  Find a solution today and schedule an appointment!


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