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If you’re looking for a Urologist look no further, Dr. Bellman is your doctor! I Love Dr. Bellman and his staff! I have been seeing him over a year and he has truly made a difference in my health. I had visited 2 other doctors before Dr Bellman, and both did not really listen to my concerns nor offer solutions. On the contrary Dr. Bellman took the time to sit and listen and developed a game plan to help me feel the healthiest I have felt in years. He explained everything and helped me to understand how to move forward. In dealing with other doctors I felt rushed and couldn’t get all of my concerns out fast enough for them to hear them. I think that has been the biggest difference in dealing with Dr Bellman, his genuine concern for my health and his ability to help me understand. He and his staff are courteous and friendly and they have a way of making you feel comfortable regardless of the situation. I appreciate how easy they are to work with and schedule appointments and how accommodating they have been. I can also echo the praises of other patients on how easy it is to communicate with Dr Bellman as I have corresponded with him multiple times via email and phone and he has always been courteous and giving of his time and advice. So if you need a great urologist visit with Dr Bellman, you’ll be grateful you did.

Erick C.
Los Angeles, CA