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Many men may decide that they don’t want to have more children and consider a vasectomy. While thousands of men get vasectomies every year, many men are apprehensive. They worry about the pain and discomfort and after effects.  They may then encourage their wives to go for a tubal ligation instead.

The truth is that today with modern techniques a vasectomy is usually done with minimal discomfort.  Usually done in the office with a local anesthetic, but some men still prefer to placed under anesthesia.  A vasectomy is much less invasive for a man than a tubal ligation for a women.

A vasectomy has no long term consequences or impact on sexual function.  A vasectomy also does not affect erections nor the amount or quality of the fluid produced during sex.  In the past, a needle was use to numb the skin and then a scalpel was used to make the incision.  Today, neither are used in the no-needle, no- scalpel procedure.  A spray is used for the numbing and tiny instruments are used to stretch the skin a very small amount.

While a vasectomy can be reversed, it is easier to bank sperm before the vasectomy for those who may want more children in the future.

Dr. Bellman has performed thousands of vasectomies and usually performs them on most days of the week.  He and his friendly, caring staff will put you at ease for what can be a stressful experience for some.

It is best to place ice on the area after the vasectomy for 1-2 days and avoid exercise for 1 week afterwards.


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