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I wrote a 5 star review for Dr. Bellman when I first started seeing him and I think it’s time for an update. He’s been my urologist for almost 3 years now. Dr. Bellman is the type of doctor I wish all doctors were like. When I go to my primary care, orthopedist, or dermatologist, I get decent treatment, but I always feel like just another patient. I feel like they’re already thinking about seeing the next patient before they’re done seeing me. I feel like their time to see me is limited and they’re always in a hurry. Dr. Bellman on the other hand makes me feel like I’m his only patient every time I’m there. Any question I have, he takes time to thoroughly answer and explains all my options. He always seems to be in a good mood and takes a genuine interest in how my life is going. In between appointments, he has been very responsive by email when I have had a need. The ladies in his office, Asia, Hilda and Yuka are the best. They’re always sweet, caring and helpful. I can’t say enough good things. In the business I am in, I work with doctors every day, and it’s clear to me that Dr. Bellman is one of the best in his field. Thanks for truly helping me to have a better life through your care Dr. Bellman. Keep up the great work!

Oscar V.