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Both men and women have put off having children because of careers and finances. Men can experience several issues that can cause infertility. Men can have extra veins around the testicle called a varicocele. These extra veins can cause the testicle to be warmer than normal and decrease the amount and quality of the sperm. There are times where it is necessary to do a small surgery to remove those veins, a procedure called a varicocelectomy.
Viral illnesses such as mumps as well as smoking, hot baths, or saunas can all affect a man’s fertility.  A man who has been trying unsuccessfully to have a child for 1 year should have an examination by an experienced urologist. This evaluation will include blood tests and an ultrasound with doppler of the testicles.
There are occasions where men can be treated with Clomid, the same medication used in women to enhance fertility.


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