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The idea of vasectomy surgery can be frightening for men.  Because a vasectomy targets an intimate part of the body, fears about the surgical procedure, painful recovery, and life after surgery are common.  The best way to resolve these concerns is to get in touch with your Urologist to learn more about the procedure.

One of the most common fears about vasectomy is the idea of a surgical procedure that involves the testicles.  During the procedure, the vas deferens tube is clamped, cut, or, sealed.  This prevents sperm to be released during ejaculation.  Sperm continues to be produced, but the sperm are reabsorbed into the body.  Due to the advances in medical technology, today’s vasectomies are done using a ‘no-needle, no-scalpel’ technique that only involves a small puncture on the target area.

The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed on an outpatient basis. Vasectomy has a very low risk of complications and patients are usually able to return to work the following day.  Patients are advised to refrain from any rigorous exercise for a week.

If you are certain that you do not want children, vasectomy offers permanent protection from unwanted pregnancy. Vasectomy has the highest success rate of any form of birth control (99%) and is more effective than other forms of contraception including condoms (98%) and birth control pills (96-99%.)

After six weeks, Dr. Bellman follows up every vasectomy with a semen analysis.  This is done to make sure the procedure was effective and that no sperm is present.


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