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How does one keep one’s prostate healthy? What about prostate supplements? Prostate vitamins? Frequent sexual activity?
For years a supplement called saw palmetto was thought to help with prostate health but recent studied have shown it has no effect. Vitamins like selenium and vitamin E were recommended but recent studies show that they may actually be harmful.
All men above the age of 40 should get an annual prostate exam and a blood test called a PSA (prostatic specific antigen). Most men should probably take a vitamin D supplement, at least 1000 IU. It is good to ejaculate regularly for your mind and spirit and maybe for your prostate as well.
If men have to get up a number of times to urinate at night or have to strain to empty their bladder or leak some urine after they finish urinating , they should be checked for a condition known as BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) or an enlarged prostate.


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