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Dr. Gary Bellman has performed no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy for many years, and has immense experience with these procedures. He is not only technically adept but additionally is caring and sensitive to the needs and concerns of men considering this procedure. His office staff will make you very comfortable and put you at ease both during the initial consultations as well as during the procedure.

Men undergoing the procedure may want to know the recovery time, how much pain they will undergo, when they will be able to return to work, and proceed with normal activities. The good news is that a vasectomy can often easily be done in the office with a local anesthetic and return to work the very next day. It is best to avoid anything strenuous for 5 days.  The procedure is done through a very tiny skin opening that doesn’t require suturing and is usually all but invisible after 10 days. Some men prefer to be sedated or asleep for the vasectomy, and the very same procedure can be scheduled at a surgery center.

Men are also concerned if a vasectomy will affect their sexuality, erections, or the fluid produced during sex (ejaculation). The good news is that a vasectomy will not affect any of those issues! the procedure will not affect a man’s testosterone nor cause ‘blue balls’.

Patients considering  a vasectomy should be quite sure they do not further want more children.  Sperm banking is a good option before a vasectomy to leave the option of more children if applicable.

Dr Bellman’s office is in West Hills and serves the zip codes of 91307, 91308, 91301, 91376, 91377, 93062, 93063, 93064, 93065, 93094, 93099, 91302, 91372, 91371, 91367, 91365, 91364, 91303, 91359, 91361, 91369, 91360, 91362, 91358, 91319, 91320, 91311, 91313.


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