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At the Southern California Urology Institute, we are proud to partner with patients to make medical decisions in the best interest of our patients. As such, we welcome the opportunity to discuss any diagnosis you have received, along with proposed treatments, if you are looking for an expert second opinion on a variety of urological health conditions. Our goal at the Southern California Urology Institute is to make sure that all Los Angeles/SFV/Ventura area patients have all the information available to them when making critical health decisions. Therefore, our founder and expert Urologist, Dr. Gary Bellman is available to review previous test results, perform additional testing, and provide an objective, expert 2nd opinion on urological diagnoses and treatment plans.

Reasons to seek a Second Opinion at Southern California Urology Institute in Southern California

  • You’ve been given a treatment plan for your urological condition that seems unreasonable in light of your diagnosis
  • You don’t completely understand your urological condition, or the proposed treatment plan
  • You would like assurance/confirmation from an expert urologist, that a proposed treatment plan is sound
  • You are interested in learning about other treatments or solutions to your urological problem or condition
  • You have questions about your urologic diagnosis that haven’t been answered to your satisfaction
  • Treatments and care plans are not resolving your urological condition
  • You feel as if you and your doctor disagree, or don’t have a good rapport

Expert Urologist Dr. Gary Bellman is the Best Choice for a Second Opinion in SoCal

Board-certified Urologist, Dr. Gary Bellman, MD has more than two decades of experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating urological conditions ranging from kidney stones, to hormone imbalances, and performing procedures ranging from prostate biopsies to minimally invasive robotic surgery.

A clinical instructor at renowned UCLA for years, Dr. Bellman has managed some of Southern California’s most challenging urological conditions through minimally invasive surgery. His surgical specialties include Shock-Wave Lithotripsy, Uteroscopy, and Tubeless Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for the treatment of kidney stones. Likewise, he is an expert in treating BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) through minimally invasive laser surgery, or microwave therapy. Dr. Bellman also provides no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies.

His expertise in the management and treatment of other urological and reproductive disorders, includes a specialty in treating low testosterone (Low-T/Hypogonadism). Additionally, he’s highly regarded for his experience, and skill in properly treating Los Angeles area men with hydroceles, varicoceles, and spermatoceles. Men experiencing sexual dysfunction including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction have also found solutions to these conditions through treatments provided by Dr. Gary Bellman.

As a top Southern California Urologist, Dr. Bellman has been named a “Top Urologist in Los Angeles”, and one of “America’s Leading Experts”. He has been recognized by Intuitive Surgical® as an expert robotic surgeon. In Los Angeles, he’s earned accolades including “Patients’ Choice Award.”

A member of the America Urological Association, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the California Urologic Association, the Los Angeles Urologic Society, and the Endourology Society, Dr. Bellman is highly regarded amongst his peers as one of the top urologists in Southern California, and a trusted expert to turn to for second opinions.

To request a second opinion from Los Angeles Top Urologist, Dr. Gary Bellman, contact the Southern California Urology Institute today. You may also call 818-912-1899.