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Men like to try natural products for their prostate. The only supplement that has been proven to be good for your prostate is vitamin D.  Men used to take saw palmetto, and has shown to be no more effective than placebo.
A relative recent product and received interest and that is super-beta prostate.
The reported ingredients on-line seem to be the following; I don’t think it is worth the money based on my patient’s response. Take vitamin D and get your testosterone and PSA checked!

BETA-SITOSTEROL Shown to support healthy urine flow*.
ZINC Essential support for prostate & immune health*.
COPPER Plays a major role in antioxidant activity*.
MANGANESE Important for reproductive health*.
IODINE Research suggests Iodine supports prostate health*.
CHROMIUM Supports blood sugar and prostate health*.
MOLYBDENUM An essential cofactor in the production of uric acid*.
SELENIUM A strong antioxidant*.
VITAMIN D Researchers found it is essential for optimal health*.
SILICON Necessary to support healthy immune function*.
BORON This nutrient is essential for prostate health*.
VANADIUM Involved in preserving healthy prostate function*.
GERMANIUM Targeted nutrition for men’s health


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