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Bladder dysfunction is one of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) that people are probably least likely to talk to others about and may make them feel more isolated as a person living with MS.

It’s one thing to say, “wow, my feet are really tingling today,” and it is an entirely different matter when the complaint is constantly leaking urine or an inability to urinate. However, as embarrassing as it might be, it is important to seek treatment right away and not ignore any urinary issue.  There are many excellent treatment options that are available for bladder dysfunction, as well as many behavioral and dietary approaches that can help reduce your symptoms.

Urinary issues surrounding patients with MS happens when nerve signals to the bladder and urinary sphincter (the muscles surrounding the opening to the bladder) are blocked or delayed because of lesions on the spinal cord.  The dysfunction can be for two reasons- the bladder is spastic, so it isn’t holding the urine, or the bladder isn’t emptying all the way, because the sphincter is spastic (contracting when it’s supposed to be relaxing to let out the urine).

It’s important to not self-treat any bladder problems by drinking less fluid!  This can lead to constipation or urinary tract infections.

If you or a loved one needs to seek attention for any urinary issues, Dr. Bellman is a leading Board Certified Urologist who specializes in treating both women and men.

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