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Dr. Bellman performs a no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy and services men from throughout the Santa Clarita area. This minimally invasive procedure can usually be easily performed in the office in 15-20 minutes. The entire procedure is done through a tiny hole, the size of a pea and heals up very quickly. Some men may prefer to have the procedure done at the surgery center as this may be a personal preference.

While a vasectomy can be reversed, it is somewhat involved to reverse and therefore men are given the option to have sperm frozen in the sperm bank in the event they ever change their mind and want another child.

Dr. Bellman’s friendly office staff will get you an appointment that suits your schedule for a consultation.

For an appointment to see Dr. Bellman who has performed thousands of these minimally invasive vasectomy procedures call 818-912-1899 or you can schedule an appointment on-line.


For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Gary Bellman,
please contact the office or call 818-912-1899