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There are many different vasectomy techniques available it can get a bit confusing.

Should both ends of the tube (vas deferens) be cut or just one?

Should the ends be only cauterized?

These are the 3 accepted techniques recommended by the American Urological Association (AUA) guidelines:
The ends of the vas should be occluded by one of three divisional methods:

  1. Mucosal cautery (MC) with fascial interposition (FI) and without ligatures or clips applied on the vas;
  2. MC without FI and without ligatures or clips applied on the vas
  3. Open ended vasectomy leaving the testicular end of the vas occluded, using MC on the abdominal end and FI; OR by the non-divisional method of extended electrocautery. Recommendation (Evidence Strength Grade C)

A vasectomy should be minimally invasive ( no-needle, no-scalpel technique) but also be sure and secure. I like to cauterize and clip both ends for extra security.


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