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Sometimes getting a man to go to the doctor is often like trying to get him to stop for directions– he just won’t do it.  Men often don’t think they need a checkup unless there’s something visibly wrong, but putting off a doctor’s appointment can be detrimental to a man’s health.

When men turn 40, they may think about how to keep their hair or lose their belly, but they may not think about seeing a urologist… but they should.  As you go through your 40s, quality-of-life issues may become a main focal point.  Prostate and sexual health will play a big role in this.

Dr. Bellman is an expert in managing these issues and can help guide you on what to expect, useful lifestyle changes, when to simply observe, and when to treat a problem.  With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Gary C. Bellman has treated thousands of men and through his experience and knowledge is able to focus his abilities to help men improve their health.  His surgical specialties are minimally invasive, and when appropriate, performed as same-day outpatient procedures; treating common disorders such as erectile dysfunction, kidney stones, and conditions with non-surgical treatments.  Although Dr. Bellman has earned the trust of many of his male patients, he is not limited to men’s health and is vastly adept in treating women as well.

A perk of establishing regular visits is that you are able to build a relationship with your doctor, who’ll have a better sense of your health and be more tuned into potential issues.  Regular visits to your urologist can also keep you feeling good and make the aging problems we face a little easier to cope with… and of course cancer screenings can be lifesavers!


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